Our favourite jack of all trades & werewolf on a bike – Spencer Wilson – S01E07

Spencer Wilson's work is omnipresent in our little cycling world. We see his work in magazines, on our friends walls, on popular cycling accessories and even wrapped around some of Britain's most successful bike riders. Spencer is fun...on and off the bike! A great person to have around and even better to ride along with. In this episode we chat about our shared past with the Lovelo Race Team and we reminiscent on our short but pleasureful racing "careers". Spencer walks us through his life as a cycling illustrator and explains how that all started. To our can-popping-loving audience we have a treat for you! We tasted some more delicious alcohol-free beer brands. Enjoy!... Read Story

Land's End to John o'Groats on a Penny Farthing – The World Record ride with Richard Thoday – S01E06

Mike Williams & Niels Schnadt met up with Richard Thoday in Matlock to talk all things Penny Farthing and to discuss Richard's World Record breaking ride on this fixed geared bike from Land's End to John o' Groats. The two fearless & veloccino podcast hosts even got convinced to ride the steal beast themselves...Did they manage? Richard takes us through the wonderful journey on how he fell in love with this kind of bike and what he experienced before during and after his record breaking challenge. Thanks Richard for taking the time!... Read Story