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The Ricochet Downhill Race at Aston Hill

That was a muddy and rainy day out there at Aston Hill! Just on our door step! The first proper downhill race in the area! It was great watching the girls & boys blasting down the mucky trail!

I was lucky enough to spend a day with one of the best sport photographers around to learn a lot of tricks and tweaks about shooting fast moving objects in low light conditions! Thank you Mark Pain for taking the time and guiding me through this!

Find below a couple of my favourite shots from the day.

This is just a tiny selection of the photos I am most proud of. I have plenty more photos added to our facebook page (facebook.com/veloccino)


Wendover Woods Duathlon 2020

Tough Runner UK organised the Buckinghamshire Duathlon in Wendover Woods las Sunday. Some of our friends decided to dip their toes into this inaugural event on our door step. The weather was on our side, Sunshine and a mild temperature made us feel as if the winter is finally over.

It was great to see our friends suffering hard in this fantastic event. It was great from a spectator and as I got told also from an athlete point of view.

Well done to our Team veloccino members and our friends!

Chiltern mud & gravel round trip – Wendover via Cadsden

On Saturday Nick and I had a couple of hours to burn. We decided to go on a bit of an off-road trip around the Chilterns to a. avoid the wet roads and b. try out something different to our usual riding.

Nick plotted the route online and did not shy away from addidng some ridigulous hills in. Thanks for that! The route took us out of Wendover to the top of Coombe Hill which has the most beautiful view to offer! If you have not been up there, definitely worth a visit!

From there we wiggled our way towards Cadsden to stop at The plough pub which famously made the headlines when David Cameron brought the Chinese Prime Minister in for a pint a couple of years ago. Rumours have it that it’s since is rebuild 1:1 somewhere in China.

The Plough Pub in Cadsden

If you are looking for a kick-ass, arty-farty coffee you will be wrong here. Filter coffee it was! Absolutely fine with us but maybe not in everyone’s taste.

We cracked on via Whiteleaf Hill to go a bit back on-road towards the Buckmoorend Farm Stop. From here we rode up to Dunsmore and back to Wendover.

What a great day out!

The off-road version of the Whiteleaf Hill climb

Nick Porter’s Bombtrack

We did a fantastic 5hour-ish Gravel ride yesterday around the Chilterns. This is Nick’s new ride! Definately the ride bike for our area to conquer mud and steep hills!

We didn’t take plenty of clos-ups. So hold your horses, some more photos will follow soon!

veloccino goes Girona – an ode to Girona

Words by Mike Hadgkiss | photos by Niels Schnadt

‘T was the month of June in 2019,
8 friends travelled to check out the Girona cycling scene.

To celebrate Mark’s big 40th year;
With bike rides, banter and plenty of beer.

With routes still undecided and only a few weeks to go;
Niels and Mike got creative in Casa veloccino.

With the promise of hills, smooth roads and one or two lakes.
Bike hire was opted for from the awesome Bike Breaks.

With plans in place, the destination was set.
A few checks of the forecast in the hope we wouldn’t get wet.

But were the plans all set? The late night messages would suggest not.
With no time for breakfast, it was half a slice of toast and that’s your lot.

With Jeremy driving though, confidence was high,
Of arriving at Stansted in good time to fly.

With the main group boarded via the priority queue,
And luggage all on board there was little else to do….

Except wait on the runway, for much more than a bit.
To wait for someone’s luggage to be taken away….what a tit.

Arriving in sunny Girona, the accommodation was really smart.
Though after 4 days of male occupation, there was certainly to be a strong odour of fart.

The first ride was amazing, smooth roads and faces a beam;
And there must be a special mention for the delightful tangerine dream.

La Fabrica was the destination the following day.
Not a town but a café and well, what can I say.

With food choices beyond your normal desires,
To kick start a bike ride, adding fuel to your fires.

The coast was the destination but not before climbing St Grau,
Which certainly left your legs spinning and needing to mop your brow.

With hairpins and switchbacks and gravel abound.
It was squeaky bum time and hoping no one would hit the ground.

Safely arriving for lunch, in Tossa de Mar;
Question was though would Mark skip lunch and just head for the bar?

Lunch was opted for though, in the form of a light bite.
Mark’s large plate though suggested his tummy was in for a fright.

The following day, a decision was needed.
100 miles or not, in the end we conceded.

Rocacorba was our chosen destination.
I was certain of a feeling of some trepidation.

The lunch stop beforehand was a beauty, a corker.
The fuel stop was needed ahead of Rocacorba.

The climbing was brutal, a test for us all.
The legs kept spinning to avoid any stall.

The summit was reached, Wes leading then Mike.
There were claims in the camp of the use of an e-bike.

Rocacorba was done, now home, please I beg.
With dual carriageways and off road and a dog seeking Mark’s leg!

The following day, the weather drew in.
Would the riding plans simply end up in the bin?

The brave 5 headed out for one last ride,
The weather was shit, I could have cried.

To the top of Els Angels, to see the finish of the time trial event.
Some wished they were doing it, their legs not yet quite spent.

So thank you Girona for opening up your secrets to us,
An amazing time spent here with hardly a fuss.

We will be back? I’m sure, this time next year.
With bicycles and banter….and more alcohol-free beer!

Girona! We just returned but we will be back!

We just returned at the weekend from our trip to Girona.

We stayed with a group of 8 for a few days. Another group arrived on Wednesday for another few days when the others left.

Expect a couple of posts coming up over the next few days. We have plenty of photos from various cycling hot spots in and around Girona and – obviously – plenty of stuff to tell about the Girona cycling festival.


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