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Author: Mike Williams

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ou know what, the world doesn’t stay still for very long. No sooner had I written my update on my favourite pedal/shoe combination than a brand-new update comes out. I have shared how much I love the DMR Vaults in previous posts and they have just launched 2 new versions

While it’s easy to spend lots of money on your bike to make it lighter/faster/groovier there are still only 3 main points of contact, our hands feet and bum. When we ride our MTBs then its really our hand and feet that take priority and so I would argue that

Photography by courtesy of YT Industries I’m massive fan of YT bikes and if you ever get the chance to read how they started it’s a great read and all about providing “Good Times”. The YT range has always been targeted at more aggressive trail riding, optimised for big jumps, drops

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