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34: Winter Vibes 1.0 – How to get your motivation back?

In this episode of Veloccino Cycling podcasts, Gem, Mike and Niels are going to talk about the experience in cycling. Gem is a coach in running. So, this podcasts episode will help listeners motivate and inspire in Gem’s story. Let’s begin! Episode Timeline Gem’s racing series 4:00 Gem is halfway through this zwift Racing League. They had a course which was everything bagel in New York. It lasted about two minutes and then the first hill came up and that was her back into the 5th place. This program actually impressed her. She took a break and did not time trial, she thought it would be a good idea to do as a team. Mike and Gem’s inspiration and motivation for the listeners – in light of year 2020, COVID-19  9:20 I like the technical aspect, the engineering, putting bikes together and taking them apart. I really like the social aspect because I think one of my favorite feelings in the world is like after a really hard day of writing that point when you’re sat down and you’re you can feel the humming in your legs. There’s actually feel quite nice when the endorphins released and all that kind of stuff. Extrinsic motivation of cycling 12:24 There were events that I want to work towards, and I want to do well on it, especially the river Chino on the chest. It was really difficult because we entered the second lockdown because of this COVID-19. Time has changed. Strengths 16:00 My strength is probably somewhere in being sort of a bit of an all-rounder because, I think I can kind of descend on a bike pretty quickly, for a road biker. I can climb up a hill pretty quickly. I really do enjoy the bike maintenance type stuff and putting that together. Planning, organizing and committing to trainings 18:51 I’m pretty good at forming a habit and then sticking to it. But then when I lose that habit, I lose it completely. I think the challenge part is probably perhaps I’ve lost all of the other consistency. So, I think particularly for 2020 for many people, we’re now working differently. We’re now socializing differently. And perhaps one of the things for me is that because of that’s all changed, it’s made it less easy for me to shedule in, like, almost really consistent things. Things that Mike aren’t so good at  26:07 Whenever I look at what and compare with other people have sort of similar size or age or people that I’ve written with over the years but it’s always a lot higher than mine. That’s one of the things for me where I keep thinking. I’m not quite so good at is probably disciplined with food. Energy for cycling 28:52 I don’t often feel on a ride like on being dropped. I’m curious that I want to have more because I can see that if I improve that I could probably be faster. 38:20 No one can actually tell what power you have on your bike. I know we have things like Strava and Garmin and Reno power meters and things but no one actually knows you’re not out on a ride. Food and Nutrition 38:21 Making sure that I’ve got sort of sort of nuts and things like that ready for when I want to get back because it’s good protein. I set myself a timer as to how much I’m going to eat by the end of this point. I take chewy bars that I know will work well for my digestion. I need to eat something every 45 minutes and hydrate. Things that stops getting on the bike 42:22 There’s an element of family. So, making sure I’m here for the kids different timing stuff back, our kids do different sports themselves. My wife does sports as well. Sometimes I feel like if I go out now all I’m going to do is get reminded of how bad I am to remain now how much I’ve fallen away. 55:21 The two things that are holding me back in terms of motivation to ride is I’m so slow at the moment, kind of I can’t motivate myself. And then secondly to properly suffer before I get to the bit of feeling good. Key Quotes 11:24-11:30  “It’s very rare to find a person who just goes out purely or every single time to ride that bike, just intrinsically motivated.” 14:25-14:30 “We probably need to work out what motivates you and how you can call on that at different times during your life in your training” Connect with us on:  Facebook | Instagram | Twitter Send us an email at or Please leave us a review and check Mike’s Instagram
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