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The YT Izzo

Photography by courtesy of YT Industries

I’m massive fan of YT bikes and if you ever get the chance to read how they started it’s a great read and all about providing “Good Times”.

The YT range has always been targeted at more aggressive trail riding, optimised for big jumps, drops and speed but if you look at the riding that 80% of the world does this probably means we’re a bit overbiked. The shortest travel trail bike they had (the Jeffsy) was amazing, winning lots of awards, but over the years the travel had grown, the angles had got slacker and now looks like an amazing enduro racer.

So I’m really excited about the new Izzo from YT which takes a step down in travel to 130mm front and rear, but promises to be fast agile and sharp while retaining that YT fun factor. The launch edition is out of my price bracket (£5,700!) but I can’t wait to test ride one of the other models next year.

Let the Good Times roll.

What’s your opinion on the YT Izzo? Let us know in the comments below.

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I am a fan of riding bikes and drinking beer. I regularly ride on the road, but my home is on the trails riding my MTB. I ride mostly in the Chiltern Hills where the trails are fast and the pubs are plentiful.

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