We are currently in Girona to participate in the Gran Fondo as part of the Girona Cycling Festival.

The event was a must for us this year since it is hosted by our friends from Bike Breaks and we promised to come for a long time!


The cycling Festival brings a whole lot of cycling fun to Girona’s old town, basically every day is another event. On Thursday night was the time for the Nocturne. This is a crit like race through the tight alleyways of this ancient town, mostly along cobbled roads.

Riders have 60 minutes to produce their 5 best laps over a course with a length of 1.5km. It was epic! So much fun and action just at the bottom of the beautiful old cathedral!

I started veloccino a couple of years ago. I like riding bikes, taking photos, spending time outdoors and travelling.
I am originally from Bochum in Germany. Lived in Copenhagen and Cape Town and finally found my new home in Wendover, England.

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