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The inaugural mixed Time Trial event at the World Champs absolutely rocked!

credits: https://worlds.yorkshire.com/media/

Wow what an event! The inaugural mixed Time Trial was really one event of the category “great to watch”.

I have to admit I enjoy Time Trials but I usually do not enjoy watching those kind of events. I usually miss the nervewreckingness (if that’s a word). Everyone just hammers it out and at the end you have a winner. That’s it.

This new mixed Time Trial event however was fantastic! The first team of three starts the race and the second team shoots into the competition once the first team crossed the finishing line. The second team has to perform at the same level (or better) in order to succeed. Personal highlight was Elisa Longo Borghini’s fight back to her team riders after she has punctured. The Italian’s missed out on the podium by only a few seconds. That’s what makes sport exciting. Shivering and crossing fingers towards the very end.

I hope to see this event returning on a more regular level. Not sure how this would look in real life but at least at Worlds and Olympic Games would be fantastic!

Only recommendation for future events…make the hot seat a hot tub! It looked freezing up there!

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