Team veloccino – Code of conduct

The Club

  • Team veloccino is the official veloccino members club.
  • Team veloccino is international in perspective, character and membership.
  • Team veloccino is an inclusive club of like-minded individuals, and members are encouraged to get to know each other both on and off the bike.
  • Team veloccino is owned, supported and run by veloccino ltd.
  • Team veloccino will uphold the values, ethos and reputation of veloccino.


  • Team veloccino is a club for like-minded members who live by the principle of mutual respect to other team members as well as road users whilst on the bike.
  • We have a zero tolerance policy to abusive, sexist and racist behaviour within the club. Any incidents of this nature will result in the termination of your membership and a lifetime ban.
  • Team veloccino members are encouraged to travel and meet members in other cities and countries, and welcome those from others.
  • Team veloccino members are encouraged to participate and create their own rides and invite other members to join them.
  • Team veloccino memberships cannot be sold or exchanged – such action will trigger immediate termination of membership.
  • Official Team veloccino kit must never be sold outside the membership.
  • It is important to live and ride by example. Do not be the person that nobody wants to be around with. Behaviour that does not uphold our values will trigger immediate termination.

Riding & Racing

  • Team veloccino members will uphold good riding etiquette and camaraderie and abide by commride etiquette rules. Members will greet other riders on the road, wait for dropped riders, and help those in need.
  • Team veloccino is a club for all sort of bike riding or racing. You do not need to race but you are more than welcome if you wish to race in our colours to represent out values.
  • Team veloccino members respect the Highway code, live and breathe mutual respect.

Kit Rules

  • We would love to see Team veloccino members to wear official Team veloccino kit on all Team veloccino rides. If you are racing for Team veloccino you have to have wear the official Team veloccino kit during the race.
  • The wearing of helmets is mandatory on all Team veloccino  rides.