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Tito Tomasi Rides from California to Canada.

This incredible video features rider Tito Tomasi making the journey from South California all the way to British Columbia, Canada!

In Tito’s word his inspiration for making journeys such as this is;

Life can be seen like a road trip, traveling, taking chances and facing decisions. The sun rises every day bringing love, discoveries, surprises and choices, and happiness is what we seek at the end of the rain. We all want to cross the rainbow and touch something bigger. When the road trip becomes your life, the metaphor gets more accurate and you enter a different dimension. 

Traveling is important for me, but I find it more interesting to share, build and ride. Share the sun rays, the trails and happiness. Build stories and content, artwork and video, just because I like to express myself, deliver a message and help people to realize their potential. Because happiness is never far when your eyes are opened. And I like to ride, because it’s a lot more than just bike riding.