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The 2020 Marin Range.

2020 Marin Rift Zone

Marin has not changed much with their new iteration of the Rift Zone, but have initially, and perhaps most importantly, updated the colourways to much more vibrant and stand-out variants. The geometry has also been updated since last year, naturally moving more towards the modern fixation for slackness in trail bikes. This means the 2020 Rift Zone will descend as if it is on rails while maintaining the benefits of having a shorter travel bike. There are 3 different bikes, the Rift Zone 3, 2 and 1 coming in at £2’295, £1’795 and £1’395 respectively.

2020 Marin Alcatraz

The new Alcatraz adapts a whole new, very “luminous” colourway, of course invisaged by Matt Jones. The differences between last year and this year are pretty clear, with last years model having a fairly conventional (compared to this years model) colourway with a light blue to silver fade. Also this year the availability is much higher, according to Marin they only made 20 Alcatraz frames last year! The Alcatraz is available in both a frame only and full build, the x-fusion fork build setting you back £1195, and the frame a mere £445. That is an incredible deal for a bike as steezy as this one!

Marin Headlands

This one is my favourite. The new Marin Headlands is everything you could want or need from a Gravel/Adventure/Tourer/All road bike, and more. It is Marin’s first carbon fibre gravel frame and features an inbuilt dropper that actuates using the shift lever, a Shimano GRX groupset, 40mm Schwable tyres out of the box, along with PLENTY of mounts for luggage, bottle cages (you can fit up to 5 bottle cages) and whatever else you could possibly want. The Headlands also has a unique, modern geometry which results in huge comfort benefits along with great pedal efficiency. Finally, and probably most importantly, the Headlands features a stunning paint job, which can only be fully appreciated in real life, but the beauty is still apparent in the photos.

The New Colourways!

All of the new Marin bikes are available to view via their website, and I would definitely recommend you head over there and check them out!


Oh, by the way, you might want to watch this space, as that might not be all the bikes Marin are releasing this year…