Home Home visit at Schicke Mütze – Hats off to Düsseldorf’s finest!

Home visit at Schicke Mütze – Hats off to Düsseldorf’s finest!

A couple of weeks back I fulfilled myself a little dream. And this one has been bugging me for about two years already! There is this cycle shop and cafe in Düsseldorf, that I never managed to visit whilst in Germany due to various reasons.

So many of my German friends could not be wrong, I heard nothing but great stuff about “die Mütze” and that I have to go and check it out! This last time I made sure it will work out! Priorities!

Before I start, I have to admit one thing… I was slightly prejudiced. And there is a story to it. When I was younger I was never a big fan of Düsseldorf as a city (sorry guys!). I was born and bred in Bochum where you get told in a light-hearted way, but from a very young age, that nothing good comes from Düsseldorf (also their beer is … let’s say debatable). On top of that a famous German singer even picks up on this rivalry in one of my favourite songs. However … how wrong I was … all these years! Or at least the last nine years, that’s when die Schicke Mütze opened its doors to supply the local cycling community with their outstanding service.

Schicke Mütze, can be translated to “chic hat” or “classy cap” and to how I understand it, it is a hommage to the classy cycling casquettes (caps) as worn over the decades by riders of any age.  When you work yourself through the lovely decorated cafe and salesroom you will spot these cotton caps as finishing touches on every other corner as a nice link to the name.

The showroom itself is a beautiful cycling parlour that is almost incomparable to any other place I have seen before. You can literally feel the passion and love for bikes that must have played a major part in setting up that place. Such a great mix of cycling memorabilia, vintage apparel, quality gear, steel frames, posters, prints and top of the range bike products.  But besides all of that there was something else that made this place so unique, and I am not sure yet if it was the immediate feeling to be with great like minded people or this great experience strolling along with a coffee in your hands, checking out well sourced products. Most probably both. Anyway, I intended to visit for a coffee and take some quick snaps, a maximum of one hour….I stayed for about four. (Four hours not four coffees…)

The day I visited I was lucky enough to meet quite a big part of the team!  And everybody was great in their own way and all of them shared the same passion for riding bikes in one way or the other!

Flo crafting my cappuccino in the cafe
Flo crafting my cappuccino in the cafe

The cafe in the front of the “Mütze” was looked after by Flo a bike rider from France who just recently moved to Germany. On the other side of the property the showroom and work shop was run at that day by Carsten, Konrad, Heiner and Kurt. Thanks for looking after me! Unfortnately I did not get to meet Kerstin and Jan from the shop, but I am sure I will get another chance sometime soon to pop in and say hello.


Cool cycle apparel everywhere!
Cool cycle apparel everywhere!
Steel frames let my heart beat faster!

Please follow these guys on all social media channels, spread the word and if you are in Dusseldorf…pop, get a coffee and I assure you, you will love it!

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SchickeMuetze
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/schickemuetze/
Website: http://www.schickemuetze.de/

Schicke Mütze – Laden, Werkstatt und Café. Der Ort fürs Rad.
Talstr. 22-24 Hinterhaus
40217 Düsseldorf

In the meantime, to bypass the time until your visit, check out the gallery below and above!

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