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Reader Whips – You only live twice

From James Bond we know that “You only live twice”

Our fellow veloccino companion Will from Zebedee cycles in Bristol has taken this literally and dedicated some time to breathe some new life into this old GT banger.

He was on a hunt for a perfect cruiser and found this very neglected treasure for 20 quid (last photo).

With a bit of dedication and love for detail he has turned the white & blue splatter painted whip into a stunning ultimate pub, town & gravel ripper.

The frame is 1991 gt timberline, running a shimano xt 1 by 10 modern drive train. He added 26 inch Billy bonkers tan wall sidewall tyres and a 780mm bar on a 30mm modern stem (he used a quill stem adapter to make that work). The wheels and hubs are original.

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