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Racing is back! Bovingdon Bomber women’s race

Fantastic news! Local racing is back! I used to love to go to races, enjoy the breath taking action of local heros and heroines and take a couple of snaps on my camera.

This year was a bit of downfall as everybody should know, for me especially because I got myself a massive new lens and camera especially to captue race action better…..well.

Now I had the chance to use my new camera out in the wild … gone are the times when I had to try to learn the settings on flowers and bees in the garden.

Here we go. Some snaps from the Bovingdon Bomber. 2 races of the womens at a slightly adjusted format that I did not really understand because I didn’t really pay attention when someone tried to explain them to me. Great action nontheless! Racing is back! Love it!

DSC 4932
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