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A cycling trip South West & how to get into cyclo-cross – Kieren Jarratt – Season 1 – Episode 4

An evening around the kitchen table with our friend Kieren. This is a slightly different episode. We talk about Kieren’s cycling trip from the South West of England back to the Chilterns and how a bridge job almost ruined Niels’s birthday ride. We try to explore what cyclo-cross is all about and test some alcohol free alternatives too beer. If you are interested into starting some cyclo-cross races this episode might be for you. Favourite term of this episode “sugar burst”

Riding every stage of the Tour De France – Ben Morton – Episode 3 / Season 1

Ben rode the entire length of the Tour de France with an organisation called Le Loop. He rode each and every stage and talks to us about how to step up and get yourself ready for the next level. We recorded this episode at the beautiful Musette cafe in Aldbury. Tune in to find out why Ben challenged himself to make this fantastic experience and to learn how to prepare for such a once in the lifetime event!

Bodge jobs in the Namibian desert – Doug Percival about Cross Continental Bike Travel – Ep. 2 / S. 1

Douglas is a cycling nomad. Always been ingrained into the cycling world he is making a living out of taking bike riders on epic tours around the world. His track record lists routes like Cairo to Cape Town, Shanghai to Singapore and many more exotic trips along breathtaking sceneries. We are talking with this travel guru about his fun experiences, certain challenges and try to find out what it is that keeps him going.

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A light-hearted cycle talk and (maybe) more from Wendover – the heart of the Chilterns.

Hi we are Niels & Mike; The bike riders podcast brought to you by veloccino, the cycle stories website head quartered in the cycling hot spot of the United Kingdom, the Chilterns.

Take everything with a pinch of salt, we are no experts but we love to find out how things work!

We are hosting a show around interviews with people from various parts of the bicycle industry. We will talk about cycling events, bike touring, road racing – women’s cycling as well as men’s cycling, mountain biking, it has wheels we might talk about it.

We will aim to get insights into pro and amateur riding as well as providing bike mechanical & technical advice.

[email protected] // Twitter: @veloccinopdcst