Land’s End to John o’Groats on a Penny Farthing – The World Record ride with Richard Thoday – S01E06

Mike Williams & Niels Schnadt met up with Richard Thoday in Matlock to talk all things Penny Farthing and to discuss Richard's World Record breaking ride on this fixed geared bike from Land's End to John o' Groats. The two fearless & veloccino podcast hosts even got convinced to ride the steal beast themselves...Did they manage? Richard takes us through the wonderful journey on how he fell in love with this kind of bike and what he experienced before during and after his record breaking challenge. Thanks Richard for taking the time!... Read Story

A cycling trip South West & how to get into cyclo-cross – Kieren Jarratt – Season 1 – Episode 4

An evening around the kitchen table with our friend Kieren. This is a slightly different episode. We talk about Kieren's cycling trip from the South West of England back to the Chilterns and how a bridge job almost ruined Niels's birthday ride. We try to explore what cyclo-cross is all about and test some alcohol free alternatives too beer. If you are interested into starting some cyclo-cross races this episode might be for you. Favourite term of this episode "sugar burst"... Read Story

Riding every stage of the Tour De France – Ben Morton – Episode 3 / Season 1

Ben rode the entire length of the Tour de France with an organisation called Le Loop. He rode each and every stage and talks to us about how to step up and get yourself ready for the next level. We recorded this episode at the beautiful Musette cafe in Aldbury. Tune in to find out why Ben challenged himself to make this fantastic experience and to learn how to prepare for such a once in the lifetime event!... Read Story

Bodge jobs in the Namibian desert – Doug Percival about Cross Continental Bike Travel – Ep. 2 / S. 1

Douglas is a cycling nomad. Always been ingrained into the cycling world he is making a living out of taking bike riders on epic tours around the world. His track record lists routes like Cairo to Cape Town, Shanghai to Singapore and many more exotic trips along breathtaking sceneries. We are talking with this travel guru about his fun experiences, certain challenges and try to find out what it is that keeps him going.... Read Story

Titici bike launch at Lovelo & How Mike got saved by a tree – Welcome to Episode 1 | Season 1

 In this episode of the Veloccino cycling podcast you will learn about the Titici Bike launch at Lovelo Cycle Works in Berkhamsted, Hertfordshire.


You will find out about how Mike and Niels semi-successfully approached the Chiltern 100 ( now rebranded to L'Etape UK by Le Tour de France ) in the past and why Mike is not going to ride Le Tour de France. Or will he actually? 


We talk about the Girona Cycling Festival where Niels participated in this year and why we are planning on doing it again next year.


Besides that you will join us fantasizing about potential interview partners, the dream of launching a professional cycling team, alcohol-free-ism and a fair amount of banter.


We are very grateful for the intro and outro music kindly provided by the talented  Quincas Moreira !


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