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Our veloccino cycling socks!

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You might have come accross our veloccino socks on various social media accounts worn by people we have interviewed on the podcast or elsewhere already. Get your hands (or feet) on some of the finest cycling socks out there. Our socks are produced 100% according to our own ideas in terms of design, features and fabrics.

When we decided to produce our own socks it was important to us to offer the best possible product at a digestible price point. We added a technical mesh for enhanced breathability and an ant-twist compression band around the mid foot to ensure the socks are remaining in place at all times.

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I started veloccino a couple of years ago. I like riding bikes, taking photos, spending time outdoors and travelling. I am originally from Bochum in Germany. Lived in Copenhagen and Cape Town and finally found my new home in Wendover, England.

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