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My favourite just got even better

ou know what, the world doesn’t stay still for very long. No sooner had I written my update on my favourite pedal/shoe combination than a brand-new update comes out. I have shared how much I love the DMR Vaults in previous posts and they have just launched 2 new versions which are both lighter and better for the environment than their predecessors and before you ask, no they’re not made out of bamboo or paper mashe.

Usually, when it comes to bikes we have to accept that the holy trinity of “Reliable, Light and Cheap” is unobtainable and we have to choose between just 2 of the elements. However, with the new DMR Vault Mg and Vault Mg Superlight we might be getting close(ish) to combining all three as they stick with the tried and tested design but changed the pedal material to magnesium and in the case of the superlight, also upgraded the axle to Titanium. The Vault Mg is the same price as the existing Vault, so although they’re not exactly cheap, it’s certainly good value.

So, how can this all be possible? Well, it’s all about the use of magnesium which is a very common element on earth, but needs a bit of trickery to extract it from seawater and then cast it into shapes. The aircraft industry has used magnesium alloy over the years as it’s both strong and light and many racing cars use it in gearbox casings for the same reason. The other upside is that there is no waste product as you can immediately recycle any waste material. Couple all this with some renewable electricity production and you have a product that has very little environmental impact.

DMR seem to have decided to pass the low production costs to us lowly consumers in the final price.

I’ve been using a set of the Mg pedals for the last 2 years or so which I think were originally a limited run and I can confirm that they are as solid and reliable as my other Vaults. Given how positive I am about these pedals it’s probably worth me pointing out that I have no links with DMR and they haven’t provided me with anything to influence me. Not a T-shirt. Not a sausage. Nothing. Bastards.

Right then, this is the bit in any cycling article where I’m supposed to quote the weights of the component I’m reviewing (per pair 404g for the Mg and 332 for the Mg Superlight if you’re really bothered) but when I see these I always think ”Great…no wait, is that light? Err…how much does my current stuff weigh?” so I’m going to help you with a short list of things that are about the same weight as these pedals.

1)     A medium sized Toblerone

2)     A cup of tea using the limited edition Veloccino adventure mug

3)     7 packs of McCoys salt and vinegar crisps

4)     5 carrots I found in my fridge

5)     An average poo (according to a study at Cambridge university…no seriously somebody did this)

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