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Michael Broadwith at Musette cafe – How a math teacher broke the LEJoG record

There are good and there are better cycle talks. Last Thursday was definitely one of the category fantastic cycle talks. Michael Broadwith, the math teacher who just recently broke the record riding from Land’s End to John o’ Groats came over to the Aldbury’s Musette Cafe to share some insights. He did this whole stretch in mind-boggling 43 hours 25 minutes and 13 seconds! So much inspiration and fun. Thanks for a truly extraordinary evening!

We were a bit sad when we realised that Michael Broadwiths talk at Musette cafe was sold out so quickly! How on earth could we be surprised?! This local guy just broke one of the most iconic cycling records on the island and he is coming over to talk about the whole adventure …  we should have known! However it came with a massive relief to find out hat Musette would host a second evening with the record breaking math teacher!

Second time lucky and this time we were able to grab a couple of tickets for some of our friends! Here we go.

It was a truly fantastic evening with a lot of insights, laughter, inspiration and a lot of admiration for the achievement this humble dude just had accomplished. I really enjoyed hearing about the private anecdotes of his aunt and uncle following him the whole way in ever changing fancy dress costumes to cheer him on and the many other people he meet along the way. Exactly those private stories on the side might have actually been what made the talk so special! Michael Broadwith did an absolute fantastic job in illustrating the whole journey as the team mission, it actually was! An incredible achievement with a massive amount of sacrifices as well as plenty of support from family and friends!

If you get the chance to listen to Michael Broadwith you should definitely take up this opportunity! He might be a math teacher but one worth listening to!

Where it all took place – Musette cafe in Aldbury:  https://www.facebook.com/musettealdbury/ 

Follow Michael Broadwith on Twitter: https://twitter.com/24HourMaths


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