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How does virtual racing work? With Gemma Felstead & Paul Fitzpatrick – Episode 3/01

“We heard a lot about virtual cycle racing in the past. Especially during the lockdown period it seems to have grown in popularity. So we wanted to find out what it is all about. How does it work? How do you get involved? How does a league look like and how do teams work together?

We caught up with Gemma Felstead and Paul Fitzpatrick to talk about all things virtual racing!

Enjoy the show!

In this episode of Veloccino cycling podcast, we have invited guests Gemma Felstead and Paul Fitzpatrick. They are both virtual athletes, and Paul as DS (Directeur sportif) and organizer of virtual events. They joined the show to talk with us all about virtual racing – how it works, getting involved, joining a league, and racing with a team, all in one episode!

Key Quotes:

“One of the great things about Zwift is at a certain degree, you have a race to focus on and gives you purpose to do the training. The training is not just for the sake of it, you’ve actually got a purpose for why you’re putting in those extra hours.” [13:54-14:10]

“There’s nothing that compares to riding with a group or team on the road. And listening to the sound that it makes it amazing, talking together, and having tactics” [37:37-37:47]

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