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Homevisit at The workshop cafe + cycles in Palma, Mallorca!

There is one part of travelling with the bike that I personally enjoy most! Most of you who read my posts regularly might know what that is and also the title of this post might have given it away. I love exploring new cafes!

This time I got a hint from my friend Filip, who has lived in Mallorca since last year. He said that there was this really cool new bike cafe in Palma that opened its’ doors just about 3 months ago. Apparently the coffee is irresistible and the breakfast amongst the best you can imagine. Wow, big statement I thought but I trusted his words of praise and went to say hello.

I don’t want to give away too much right at the start but I must say I was really impressed! But slowly…one thing after the other.

The workshop cafe + cycles is owned and run by the really lovely couple Jakub and Veli who moved to Mallorca about 5 years ago. As I learnt they are the perfect mix to run a place like this. Jakub lives and breathes cycling, his other half is the food passioned mastermind and both have a love for coffee.

You can tell straight away that they put a lot of thought into this beautiful modern and contemporary setup. Everything is spacious and gives you plenty of room to enjoy your coffee in peace but still amongst others.

The decoration leaves no doubt that we are in the right place to cater our desire for bicycle lifestyle. On the one side of the premises the walls are decorated with a beautiful collection of rare original event posters from each year of the peace race, the prestigious annual multi stage race in the former Eastern bloc states. On the other side you have a very clean and sleek workspace with top of the range hire bikes displayed along the wall.

I hired two Trek Emonda SL6 as our weapons of choice for our warm weather escape which I collected straight after I arrived in Palma. Still tired from an early start and a long flight delay due to severe weather conditions in the UK I was in massive need for coffee and breakfast! Jakub introduced me to my first ever (can you believe it?!?) pour-over Mistral Rocko coffee (grinded from Ethiopian beans) which I can highly recommend. Veli did her magic backstage and provided me with an amazing avocado and egg breakfast. To be honest I felt really challenged to leave this place as everything was so tasty!

You can hire your bikes from the workshop, pop in for a great coffee, let your bike be looked after and fixed by experts or a combination of all the above!

Next time you are in Mallorca you should definitely put the workshop cafe + cycles on your to do list!

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Thank you again Jakub and Veli! I am genuinely looking forward to see you again soon!

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