Home Home visit at Eat Sleep Cycle in Girona – When a dream becomes reality

Home visit at Eat Sleep Cycle in Girona – When a dream becomes reality


The alleyways that lead through Girona’s old town are mainly paved with beautiful cobblestones. These old and well maintained paths guide you from one side of the historic centre along cute little corner shops, butcheries, small restaurants and souvenir shops winding around the cathedral and finally leaving the picturesque part of the town on the other side.

You can follow these tiny roads almost up to the town centre and you will find yourself right between the main premises and the work shop of a cycling tour operator with a very special story. A group of cycling enthusiasts following their dream to run a business that enables others to dive deep into the beautiful cycling mekka of Girona.  This dream combined with hard work and dedication lead to one of the best cycling tour operators and bike hire service I have come across.

Meet my friends from Eat Sleep Cycle.

Eat Sleep Cycle is run by Louise, Lee and Brian with the help of Boris and Rien. You can find them at the Carrer de la Cort Reial 11.

I remember quite well when we met Louise for the very first time. It must have been about two years ago and we had just arrived the previous day in Girona. We opted in for a group ride the following day and it just happened that Louise joined too.  We got along well and learnt that Louise and her other half Lee moved to Girona to follow their passion for cycling. Back then they kept their friends at home up to date with their cycling adventures abroad on their blog called eatsleepcycle.com. I loved to read their stories!

A lot has happened since then. Louise and Lee joined forces with Brian (an Irish cycling fanatic linked to the popular website stickybottle.com) to shape the vision of running a cycling business into a brick and mortar store.  So it happened that the then website evolved into a full time business offering tours to cycling fans from near and far.

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I am confident that every rider will at some point in their life stop by in Girona! The road quality is fantastic, the weather is lovely all year round, great climbs, there are plenty of like minded people, a beautiful old town that waits to be discovered on rest-days, lovely restaurants and bars and with shops like Eat Sleep Cycle, outstanding, pro feel bike services, offered in multiple languages.

There will be time to tick the Girona box, and then you should definitely pop in to Eat Sleep Cycle and say hello.  If you want to ride with company you should join one of their many shop rides. Very popular is the Monday’s “lazy lunes”.

Check their website to follow their blog (link below) and follow them on Instagram and Facebook to find fantastic cycling photos and info about what they are up to!

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Why not spend your winter or parts of the cold northern Europe season in Girona? http://www.eatsleepcycle.com/girona/winter-week/

As I write this, they have released a brand new website and logo to go along with it! Head over and find out more here: https://www.eatsleepcycle.com/brand-launch/


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