Text by  Niels Schnadt / Photos by Richard Knight

One of the most talented bike photographers I know is Richard from RKnighPhotography.

You might have seen some of his shots before across social media.  Most are either kick ass action shots of bike races or Triathlons some are just really arty shots of bikes and accessories.

Have you seen his most recent dark phantasies of the brand new and cooking hot Cinelli Superstar 2017 yet?


If you want to see many more of his shots head over to his facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/RtkPhotographer)

That’s his website: http://www.rknightphotography.co.uk/

To get your hand’s on this bike and add a bit of epicness to your life, you can get in touch with Lovelo in Berkhamsted: http://lovelocycleworks.co.uk/

© Richard Knight

© Richard Knight