Cycling classic: Oakley Jawbreaker

For years I have scoffed at cyclists wearing Oakley Jawbreakers as I felt I was too much of an individual to follow the herd. In some strange part of my mind I felt that all those people wearing this Oakley classic were just copying what other people wore and that I was much more selective in how I chose the right equipment for my needs. I thought I knew better. Turns out I was just being a bit of a dick.
After trying lots of different options for MTB and road cycling I finally worked out that what I needed was a pair of glasses that fitted any of my helmets, gave good coverage over my eye to protect from the wind, was adjustable to my fat head and perhaps had lenses that would enhance my sight in the woods. Yep, I finally realised that the reason so many pros and casual riders wear Oakley Jawbreakers is that they are really good for cycling in. I’ve had mine now for 2 weeks fitted with the prizm trail torch lenses and they are great. My eyes are watering less on the descents, the fit is comfy and the lenses really do add clarity in the woods. Turns out it’s sometime good to follow the herd.

That’s not me. But it’s a good photo.

Photography by curtesy of Oakley &