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Bikes at Red Hook Crit – Red Hook Crit London 2016

London, or better the Greenwich Peninsula was host to the 2016 Red Hook Crit Race Series No. 2 on Saturday. What an awesome event!
It had it all … bikes, bikes,bikes and beer, coffee, a great atmosphere and riders racing their hearts out!

I will publish a couple of posts over the next few days with which I try to demonstrate the buzzing vibe  of this outstanding bike festival. The post you are looking at at the moment is dedicated to some of the cool bikes I have seen. It is a mix of competitor bikes but also rides from spectators and fans that caught my eye.

Enjoy and please let me know which bike is your favourite one in the comment section down below. Click here.

To follow Red Hook Crit on Instagram click here: Instagram.com/Redhookcrit

Their website and information about the upcoming events in Barcelona and Milano can be found here: Redhookcrit.com

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