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Interview with Lovelo Squadra Donne – 110

We had a full house! The veloccino recording studio got taken over by Sam, Melinda & Amy from the women’s cycling race team Lovelo Squadra Donne. We learn about batons and bell burns … But also about the tour of Malta, team spirit, giggles and smiles, the queen of the bomber and many more fun stuff! It is relaltively easy to set up a bike team, the difficult bit is to retain a team so how does Lovelo do it? What can other clubs learn from finding common grounds and being successful. Tune in and find out…

Niels Schnadt

I started veloccino a couple of years ago. I like riding bikes, taking photos, spending time outdoors and travelling.
I am originally from Bochum in Germany. Lived in Copenhagen and Cape Town and finally found my new home in Wendover, England.

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