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A breathtaking experience – Mount Snowdon

During our stay in Snowdonia on the bank holiday weekend we had to accomplish a previous unfulfilled task. We tried to conquer Mount Snowdon a couple of years back in December but were stopped by strong winds, rain and snow.

This time we would try it again and we were lucky!

We decided to take on a slightly different route this time and followed the Llanberis path. It starts off very steep but on very easy terrain. This must be one of the reasons why the first quarter of the route is crowded with accidental adventure tourists. The path will be cleared of these unprepared walkers when they realise that flip flops are not suitable to hike up Mount Snowdon. That is where it starts becoming less crowded and much more interesting, a bit more challenging but also much more picturesque with breathtaking views over the valley.

Snowdonia you have so much to offer! On or off the bike! Everytime it is beautiful!

If you are planning to hike up Mount Snowdon, please do yourself and other hikers the favour and dress appropriately. Hiking boots or trail running shoes, a rain jacket is a must (it rains about 6 month a year in this area), comfortable and practical clothes and I recommend a backpack with food and drinks.

And one thing is the most important of all… leave nothing but foot prints! Pick up your rubbish!


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