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43: Marty MacDonald – Say What You See

In this veloccino Cycling Podcast episode Mike Williams, Gemma Felstead and Niels Schnadt are absolutely delighted to speak to their favourite cycling commentator Marty MacDonald.

Marty is well known in the cycling community as the voice of women’s racing and cyclo-cross on Eurosport and GCN Race Pass.

Mike & Gemma have dipped their toes into commentating most recently and didn’t want to miss this chance to speak to their favourite commentator to hopefully learn a thing or two. Marty has been commentating for the last 20 odd years and is one of those people that enter through a door or in our case dial into a Zoom call and immediately light up the room with their positive character!

You will most certainly get dragged into our, at times, light hearted conversation about all thing commentating and women’s racing. You will learn how Marty got into commentating and graphic design, how to live commentate a sprint finish and what the future potentially holds for him.

Marty Thanks a lot from the team at veloccino for taking the time to chat to us.

Please follow Marty on his social media channels.


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