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38: Jakub Pieniazek from the Workshop Cafe in Palma de Mallorca

In this week’s episode of the veloccino Cycling Podcast, Mike Williams and Niels Schnadt have the chance to chat with Jakub Pieniazek.

Jakub is the Co-Owner of the Workshop Cafe in Palma de Mallorca and also a hugely successful cycling coach. He is the head coach of the Polish National handbike team and has helped his riders achieving stellar results on the global para stage and the Paralympics. Over the past couple of years he also supported some high profile international riders like Marta Lach and Stanisław Aniołkowski (who both won the Polish National Road Championship titles in 2020) as well as the CCC pro team as one of their coaches.

We learn how Jakub grew up in a small area in Poland, found his love for cycling, moved to the US without speaking English and finally moved to Mallorca where they opened the Workshop Cafe in Palma. Along the way he became a super high profile and successful cycling coach. Besides all of that he is a super fun person to spend time with!


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