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37: Piotr Klin – Breaking the Master’s hour record in altitude!? – 2020 Xmas Show

In this episode Gemma Felstead, Mike Williams and Niels Schnadt welcome three guests! Piotr Klin is going to attempt to brrak the Master’s hour record in Mexoco in altitude. He works together on this attempt with his coach Mark Powell and a group of engineering students from the Warwick University. Hannah, one of the group of students is also a guest in this episode and helps to understand what tweaks can be done from a technical point of view to make Piotr as fast as possible!

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I started veloccino a couple of years ago. I like riding bikes, taking photos, spending time outdoors and travelling. I am originally from Bochum in Germany. Lived in Copenhagen and Cape Town and finally found my new home in Wendover, England.

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