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36: Rick Lister from Finishline Racing – How do you start a new racing team?

Gemma Felstead and Niels Schnadt speak to Rick Lister from Finishline Racing.

Since this season was very light on bike racing due to Covid19, Gemma & Niels were felt the urge to bring a bit more racing flavour into the podcast. Since they spoke with Olly Moors in the previous episode about veganism and bike racing they thought that this time the emphasis will be put more on racing itself. How do you actually start a race team and how do you find sponsors to make this happen?

Rick Lister is the perfect partner for this conversation. Rick brings in a rich history of involvment in cycle racing and has finally built his own team with a fantastic raster of riders for 2021.

Tune in to this episode we are sure you will enjoy it.

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Show Notes

In this new episode of Velocino podcast, Gemma and Niels Schnadt speak to Rick Lister from Finishline Racing about starting a new Racing team. Prepare yourself for this awesome episode as Rick talk to us about his expirience.

Rick’s story in cycling

02:25 Rick was with his partner Jo, in WNT cycling team for a couple of years. Then, he was on Campanesi Velo Performance last year. His partner Joe went to another team.

When he was in his last group a couple of riders told him to make his own group and it wasn’t untill August og 2019 that he started with this idea.

His main job as a courier for DPD, but forming the tea mis like a full-time job.

Years ago he was asked to be the leader of WNT and he acepted. Then, he moved to Ford Ecoboost team. After that, he moved to MJC BME when Ford’s sponsorship finished.

Last year, he was asked to go to Velo Performance, a portuguese team with mostly british riders. They left this last team so Rick can form his own team and Jo could go to Cams because it is a UCI team.

Weman’s Team

04:23 He is always been involved with woman’s Racing. In fact, his partner from a previous relationship was a Cross-country racer. After they separated he thought that that was it and he did his own thing for several years. And then, he got involved with WNT.

Aspiration of level of Racing

05:21 Rick want’s to go to National level. He has national level riders and some development riders.

Elements to form a team

06:22 The first element that Rick said was the Social Media. He shares the sponsor’s information because they are not Racing yet.

The Second element is to find sponsors. Specially at bike shows.

What do you do for sponsonrs and what do they do for you

08:41 The sponsors supply the equipment, frames, bikes, etc. If they had to pay it would be about 50.000 pounds, so sponsors are important and they promote the sponsors equipment.

What Rick looks for in a rider

18:24 The first thing that he looks for is their ranking. The next consideration i show they behave online, because he doesn’t wan’t anyone controvertial.

6 riders, normal team?

Most are 8, 10 or 12. It’s a small team. With a big team you can rotate riders so they get rest days, but with the small team they all have to race every race. He might want to increase to 8 next year.


23:45 Rick is not directly involved because each rider has a couch. He follows their progress on Strava. Sometimes, riders have problems with coaches but it is not a good idea to change coaches because it takes a whole season yo adjust to the new one.

Who else is envolved in the team?

25:58 Rick says that usually Friends, family and boyfriends help out with logistics before, during and after the race.

Also, you need a person in the car who’s calm and with mecanics experience and it’s better if that persons comes to you because the you know that he want’s to do it.

Looking forward to 2021

 Rick has a list of every race in 2021 from BC and they have some good sponsors who provide virtual training races for the Winter.

BC Points system

30:04 Rick follows their rankings and points so that if a rider goes up from one category to another, he can congratulate her and make noise about it.

Some women don’t wan’t to move up because there are fewer races in the next category.

Taking a backseat

33:57 Rick is riding now about once a month. He has being so busy at work and with forming the team that there’s no time to ride.

Sponsors requierements in 2020

Some of the sponsors are cycling sponsors and they are not so demanding, the want to put something back. Other sponsors want to know how much extra income you can generate for them and that’s imposible to say.

Women’s cycling is more cost-efective because the riders don’t get paid. And also, women’s cycling at a tour level receive’s more iqual publicity for all teams tan man cycling.

Status of the kit

41:29 Rick is trying to hold of making the orders until he gets more sponsors because the printing of the kit is very early in the process.

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Instagram: @Finishlineracing


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