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35: Olly Moors – Does veganism compliment your bike racing career ?

In this episode of the veloccino cycling podcast, Gemma and Niels chat to Olly Moors from the UCI Continental Team Ribble Weldtite about all things veganism.

Olly has been racing bikes all over the globe, back as a young rider for an american team, but also in Belgium for a couple of years. Since the beginning of 2019 he chose to adapt to a vegan lifestyle. Gemma and Niels are intrigued to how that all looks like if you are a high performance athlete. Questions that came to mind are how to source your nutrition in countries that do not offer a wide variety in vegan products or does the veganism impacts performance in one way or the other. They speak about life choices, risks, benefits and a lot about racing bikes.

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Follow Olly on Instagram: @Ollymoors and his team: @ribble_weldtite

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Show Notes

Welcome to another fun episode of the Veloccino podcast! We’re very excited to introduce to you today, professional road and track cyclist Olly Moors from the UCI Continental Team Ribble Weldtite, who joins us to discuss bikes, racing, fitness, books, and all things veganism!

Olly has based and raced in a number of countries over the past few years and has a wealth of experience racing bikes all over the globe. The multi-country experiences get him not just different biking experiences, but also equip him with a lot of knowledge on native languages, practices, cultures and people, making it an all-round learning journey! Tune in to the complete episode to have a look at the amazing life he’s been living!



  • [03:20]– Get to know how Olly Moors is adopting veganism for the cause of not harming animals and for its health benefits.
  • [06:29]– Olly shares why he decided to shift from track to the road, and his experience riding for the American and Belgium teams. Sharing also why 2017 was the hardest year in his career, he says that when you’re young, you’re less realistic to the goals you set and feel like you can achieve anything you dream of.
  • [15:03]– Understand intercultural competency and know Olly’s interesting learnings from different geographies. He shares his unforgettable times learning Flemish while preparing for an event in Belgium in 2017, and how to his surprise the natives spoke better English that he had imagined, making all his efforts trying to learn their language go in vain!
  • [18:42]– Niels recollects reading a really fun piece of writing somewhere that said racing in the US is like a stage wrestling fight, and that when you go to Belgium it becomes more like a fight club. With somebody like Olly on chat, who’s known both the countries, their riders and riding platforms well enough to reason, the response and reaction couldn’t get funnier!
  • [19:36]– Olly’s thoughts on veganism are of infinite understanding. He effortlessly distinguishes plant-based eating habits and veganism, and explains that veganism is much beyond just eating only plants, and that there’s an inner driving force which pulls him from having anything non-vegetarian. Olly has been vegetarian for most of 2019 and has some of his family members also practising the same for the love of it.
  • [31:05]– Know how his diet has positively impacted his performance and why 2018-19 has been the best time of his career.
  • [36:10]– Olly has an insightful health and nutrition practice. Perhaps, there’s a lot more to carbs than we have our brains understand.
  • [39:00]– This is how a typical day goes in Olly’s life: food-wise.
  • [42:05]– Would all this look different to someone who’s not a cyclist? Olly discusses how all the research could apply to a normal person’s life.
  • [46:33]– Olly discusses the difficult things. People’s understanding of a ‘vegan athlete’ seems to come out of narrow thinking and knowledge- Olly makes clear that he has kept his resilience amid all the unhealthy comments poured on his lifestyle!
  • [50:24]– What if he had to face an equally talented rider who enjoyed an upper hand only because of his non-vegan diet? Would Olly hold onto his values or modify them for the situation?
  • [53:50]– Olly shares that riders these days have become more ‘robot-like’. They are not being programmed to think outside of the box as a cyclist.
  • [01:09:00]– Know Olly’s role-model and influencer in life.

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Follow Olly on Instagram: @Ollymoors and his team: @ribble_weldtite

Enjoy your ride!


Your Veloccino Cycling Podcast team

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